LDD Genie

A software tool for prosecution attorneys to perform logical document determination (LDD) electronically.

Skill Builder: A Simple Approach to Continual Learning for Manipulation

We show that storing skill policies, careful pre-training, and fine-tuning with on-policy re-inforcement learning (RL), are sufficient for building a continual manipulation skill learner.


A bare-bones quality diversity (QD) optimization library. QD algorithm is a powerful alternative compared to single-objective optimization because it is able to search for a diverse set of solutions according to user-defined metrics. In this library we provide implementations of recent QD algorithms such as MAP-Elites and Covariance Matrix Adaptation MAP-Elites (CMA-ME).

Socially Aware, Expressive, and Personalized Mobile Remote Presence: Co-Robots as Gateways to Access to K-12 In-School Education

We propose a mobile remote presence robot system that enables children who cannot go to school in person for social and medical reasons to access in-school education.


We found a time-sensitive issue of RERAN, a record and replay tool for Android published in 2013. In this project we propose a new scheduling mechanism for RERAN that resolve the time-sensitive issue.