The quality assurance of Android apps requires the use of record and replay tools. The tools can help software developers to more efficiently recreate and address software issues. A previous work presented an approach and tool named RERAN that permits record-and-replay for the Android smartphone platform. RERAN directly captures the low-level event stream on the phone, which includes both GUI events and sensor events, and replaying it with microsecond accuracy.

However, the tool is too old to use today and there are logical errors in the tool. In particular, the recording suffers from serious lagging which would affect the replay of time-sensitive apps. In this project, we attempt to analyze and resolve this issue by proposing an alternative scheduling algorithm for the RERAN tool.

Yulun Zhang
Yulun Zhang
Ph.D. Student

My research interests include Quality Diversity Optimization, Evolutionary Computation, Multi-Robot Coordination, and Human-Robot Interaction.